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March 8, 2022
March 1, 2021

Mrs. Taylor & Middle School Students Share Anthem for Fellow Cleveland Students Heading Back to School This Spring


Mrs. Taylor and Middle School students at East Academy, a K-8 public charter school in Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood, have created an anthem for Cleveland students who are returning to school buildings today for the first time since face-to-face learning was suspended at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic one year ago. Since the start of the 2020-21 school year, East Academy students have had the choice of Traditional, Online, or Hybrid Learning options, and most students have attended school in-person since August. Their message to fellow students? “Got to stay solid 10 toes to the ground, Got to wear all these masks on our face, 6 feet no one can be in our space, But our hustle cannot be erased!”

Watch the Video on Facebook »

Full link: https://fb.watch/3Y-nWJrSwq/


Lyrics written by Tajuana Taylor and students. Background music: “Too Quick” produced by RicoRunDat.


February 25, 2021

Amazon Fully Funds Donors Choose Campaign of East Academy Teacher


Kindergarten students at East Academy and their teacher, Ms. Antoinette Reno, got a big surprise on Wednesday when the Amazon Business Team showed up to gift them hundreds of dollars’ worth of classroom furniture and supplies.

It started when Reno, a first-year teacher, put together a Donors Choose campaign to fund flexible seating and other projects in her classroom. “My Kindergarten students did not have the privilege of attending preschool and are in a classroom environment for the first time,” said Reno, “After months of being cooped up at home due to COVID, they cannot sit and focus on the task at hand.”

Reno’s answer was to create flexible seating arrangements within her classroom and a calming area for students to visit when they became anxious or emotional with the difficulties of learning and transitioning to routine. In need of funding, she created a Donors Choose campaign mainly comprised of Amazon Business furniture and supplies which caught the attention of an Amazon employee.

Following their 2020 track record of funding 447 projects focused on racial equity in schools, Amazon Business chose to fully fund Ms. Reno’s campaign as one of their first projects in 2021. They stopped by East Academy on Wednesday to deliver the products which included everything from floor desks and flexible seating balls to plastic folders and Play-Doh. “I am filled with gratitude,” says Reno, “Amazon’s donations are helping me provide the students in my class more options and opportunities to learn.”


December 1, 2020

COVID-19 Notice



Dear School Community,

East Academy is committed to the safety and health of our students and staff. We want to inform you that that we have recently received information about at least one confirmed case of COVID-19 in a student or staff person at East Academy. Cleaning and disinfecting of the exposed location(s) (has/have) been completed.

East will remain Open (12/02/2020) at this time. We are working closely with Cleveland Health Department and anyone identified as a close contact will be notified by the health department as a part of COVID-19 investigation.

– East Academy Staff


October 6, 2020

Middle School Students-of-the-Month – September 2020


The Student-of-the-Month Recognition is designed to recognize students for their exemplary academic efforts, community service, citizenship and behavior.


• Displaying the character trait of the month
• Earning 80% or higher in all subjects
• Attending school at least 95% of the time
• Dress code is worn on required days


Student Name: Chloe Johnson-Davis

Teacher: Nagy, Kunsman, Taylor, Grayson/Gorham

Grade: 8th

Tell us about the student:

Chloe meets each of the requirements listed for student of the month. She has perfect attendance so far this school year and is always on time to class. She consistently displays September’s character trait of self-control even in some of the most trying situations. Every day she brings a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn to class, is always on task, and produces quality work. We are pleased to select her to represent the 8th grade as September student of the month!



Student Name: Danielle Agee

Teacher: Nagy, Kunsman, Taylor, Grayson/Gorham

Grade: 7th

Tell us about the student:

Danielle brings value to each of our classes. She is consistently on task in class and her participation adds value to each lesson. The work she produces is of high quality as well. Her attendance is admirable and she always follows dress code when required. Danielle exhibits the character trait of self-control daily and we are pleased to select her to represent the 7th grade as September student of the month!



Student Name: Ke’Ajah Shepherd

Teacher: Nagy, Kunsman, Taylor, Grayson/Gorham

Grade: 6th

Tell us about the student:

Ke’Ajah exemplifies each of the Student of the Month characteristics. Not only is she present and maintains a high rate of attendance, but she is also mentally present in each class. Her dedication to school work is respectable and she contributes immensely to the discourse in all subjects. Ke’Ajah models the character trait of self-control daily and continuously proves to be a role model to her peers. Because of these reasons, we are pleased to select her to represent the 6th grade as September student of the month!

September 9, 2020
September 2, 2020

Parent Letter – 9/1/20


Dear Parents and Guardians:

These last couple of weeks have been a great opening to the new school year. We would like to give you information to make your family’s experience at East Academy the best learning experience possible.


We still are having a lot of tardy students in the morning and early pick-ups.

BREAKFAST: We serve breakfast from 7:30-8:00 a.m. daily.

INSTRUCTION: Teaching begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. Students are marked tardy after 8:05 a.m.

DISMISSAL: We start dismissal at 3:25 for students who walk and take the bus. Dismissal for others is at 3:30 pm.


Hybrid: Tuesdays- Scholars will bring home breakfast and lunch for Wednesday.

Thursdays- Scholars will bring food home for meals for Fridays and Mondays.

Virtual: Orders must be placed by Friday mornings by 9:00 a.m. to be picked up in your child’s building on Mondays between 1:15-2:00 pm. * If you have given your order to be renewed weekly, you do not need to call in your order. If you want to be on a weekly renewal, please let Ms. Monique know for future weeks.

DRESS CODE: The Dress Code is part of the Student Handbook. Wearing the Dress Code is NOT an OPTION. There are certain exceptions that will be approved by Dr. Sherman, Principal and Superintendent.

The student dress code is as follows:

Girls • Any solid colored polo shirt (long or short sleeve); undergarments must also be solid colored (e.g., t-shirts); • Black, navy, or khaki skirts, skorts, jumpers, or slacks. NO COLORED DENIM may be worn. Skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be knee length. No floor length dresses, jeans, sweatpants, overalls, leggings or jeggings. Uniform shorts may be worn during the months of April through September only; Uniform shorts are black, navy, or khaki and must be knee length. Dress shoes or plain black or white tennis shoes may be worn.

Boys • Any solid colored polo shirt (long or short sleeve); undergarments must also be solid colored (e.g., t-shirts); • Black, navy, or khaki slacks. NO COLORED DENIM may be worn. No jeans or sweatpants. Uniform shorts may be worn during the months of April through September only; • Black or brown belts must be worn around the waist (no “sagging”); • Dress shoes or plain white or black tennis shoes may be worn.

Hair-The expectation for all scholars is that you come groomed ready for school; head raps, scarfs, or “do-rags” are not acceptable for school. When scholars leave for the day, they are free to wear them but not at school. We are preparing scholars for the next phase of life.

LANGUAGE-There is the expectation that both staff and scholars will speak to each other in a respectful manner. As part of the learning process we connect with scholars where they are but we are trying to move towards ‘academic language’ when in the classroom or school environment. Language and communication will look different depending on the audience or to whom the conversation is with. It is the academic language that will help students increase their language fluency and will help them perform better academically.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us at (216) 383-1214.


Warm regards,
Dr. Sheila L. Sherman
East Academy



August 27, 2020

East Academy featured on The 74 Million

Patrick O’Donnell, correspondent at The 74, visited East Academy on the second day of school and spoke with staff and parents about the school reopening which include three learning options for families: Traditional (5 days at school), Online (5 days at home), and Hybrid (mixed).

Dr. Sheila L. Sherman is quoted, “We know we have diverse needs among our families…by offering these three modalities, we put the decision in the parents’ hands.”

The article features photos and focuses on the Traditional option which about one-third of students have selected so far this school year. Parents are quoted about the reasons they have chosen this option–a preference for in-person learning and the need to work outside the home.

Read the full article: Giving Parents Choices as Pandemic Continues

August 21, 2020

Online & Hybrid Student Internet Reimbursement Policy

Internet Service Provider reimbursement is available to students enrolled for the 20-21 school year. Eligibility for reimbursement is dependent on the family qualifying for the National School Lunch Program and other requirements outlined below.

  • Amount: $25 per month, per household (not per student)
  • Payment: Twice per year (February 2021 & August 2021)
  • Eligibility & Requirements:
    • Family must qualify for the National School Lunch Program
    • Student must be enrolled in the Online or Hybrid learning model for the 20-21 school year
    • Student & family must be in good standing with the school (verified home address on record, active enrollment, regular attendance, participation in state and local testing requirements, etc)
    • Reimbursement is per household (not per student). Families with students residing in multiple households are not eligible for multiple reimbursements. In this situation, families must determine a primary household and submit receipts accordingly.
  • Process:
    • Families will be required to submit receipts from their Internet Service Provider to the school office:
      • No later than January 15th in order to receive a reimbursement check in February for the months of August-December 2020.
      • No later than July 15th in order to receive a reimbursement check in August for the months of January-June 2020.
    • Families will be asked to verify their mailing address with Proof of Residence documentation prior to the distribution of the reimbursement check.
  • Exceptions:
    • Reimbursement will be pro-rated for any partial months the student is actively enrolled. For example, if the student is actively enrolled fewer than 15 calendar days, the reimbursement amount will be process at $12.50 for the month.
    • Students enrolled in the Traditional model who meet the eligibility requirements will be eligible for reimbursement if the school is required to suspend face-to-face learning for a period of time based on public health guidance and in coordination with ACCEL Schools and local public health officials.
  • To read the full policy, click here.